EPL: Best Players of All Time in The Premier League History

To be the best in anything, someone must have to be good in various aspects. Here in the premier league, we are going to talk about some greatest football players who had worked hard, played with specific prospects, tried hard, and clearly focused on what they want to do or achieve. Surely, they had claimed their position in the list of the best players of all time in the Premier League ever.

Premier League is known as one of the most recognizable football leagues in the world of football. It is simply known as English Premier League or EPL. This is the most famous and favorite national league in the world of soccer sports. EPL clubs have won most of the UEFA champions league titles after Spanish la Liga which is 13 championships and also wins 8 Europa leagues as well.

Although EPL has won many championships, these clubs are nothing but names without the players. It is only for this reason that players play a major role to achieve a club’s destination, wins a competition, and known to the world. We can surely say, players are the backbone of a team and without them, no club can move forward.

Best footballers of English Premier League (EPL) These are the best football players of the premier league ever listed below. Remembered that there are no specific orders in this list. Here they are:

Alan Shearer

Alan Shearer is the top premier league player among all in the history of EPL. He played for Southampton, Blackburn Rovers Football Club, and Newcastle United. Shearer holds the record of 260 goals, the most goal scorer in the premier league. When he played for Blackburn Rovers Football Club in 1995, he also has another record of most hat-tricks in a season at premier league football.

He retired at the age of 36 in 2006 from the world of professional football and ended his 18-year career. Overall, he is one the best strikers of his time and remembered as one of the greatest players ever in the Premier League history.

David Beckham

Into this world of football, there is no one who doesn’t know him. Beckham is known for his range of passing, stunning ability to bend free-kicks, crossing ability. He has been specially recognized as the best midfielders of his time and one of the greatest players in the history of premier league football. He was also known as a Symbol of English football. David Beckham played for 10 years in Manchester United and later transferred respectively to Real Madrid and Spanish La Liga. He had won the English Premier League title six times during those days and confirmed his position among those players list with the most 80 assists in the EPL history.

Beckham has successively been ranked among the highest earners in football and definitely, he deserves it because he’s one of the greatest premier league (EPL) footballers of all time.

Wayne Rooney

Another famous English footballer in the premier league is Wayne Rooney. He played in the Manchester United club and a record goalscorer. Now he is playing for Derby County football club as a forward. During his times, he proved himself in many ways, many times and he is worthy enough as one of the best players to be on the list in the premier league. During Rooney’s EPL career, he had scored a total of 208 goals and 103 assists which proves how talented a player he is. Speaking of his records, Rooney is England’s all-time record goalscorer and 2nd most capped player after Peter Shilton.

John Terry

He is one of the bravest and greatest center backs of all time ever seen. He might have missed some infamous penalty shot against Manchester United, but it is inevitable to give him a place on the list of best players in premier league history. He was well known for his aggressive tackling, though he was a clever one and know that tackling is not always right for all situations.

We can say many things about him but the best point that represents him strongly was his bravery. He can take any kind of risk during his game time to keep away his opponents to score a goal! In October 2018, he retires from club football and came back again as assistant head coach of Aston Villa.

Frank Lampard

In premier league football history, he is one of the greatest midfielders and a crown jewel of the Chelsea club. He is among the best players in EPL and awarded an Order of the British Empire (OBE) award in 2015. With a total of 609 premier league appearances which was the most, he placed third place in the EPL players chart.

Lampard had 102 assists in football which include him in the list of premier league all-time assists record. He is the head coach of Chelsea right now since 2019.

Steven Gerrard

He is the England national football team’s fourth most capped player. He has spent most of his playing career time with Liverpool where he has served as a central midfielder. Gerrard was a player with a combination of leading, passing, techniques, scoring goals, tackling, defending and so on which made him one of the best EPL players of all time.

Nobody can deny the impact of this player on English football’s boost up. He may never be a winner of the EPL medal but he is the true best player who took the place in the list of top premier league players in football history.

Dennis Bergkamp

He is the only Dutch professional football player ever inducted into the FIFA Hall of Fame. Due to his fear of flying, he is widely known as the “non-flying Dutchman” by the supporter of Arsenal. He is known as one of the best players in the premier league and considered one of the best of his generation. Bergkamp spent most of his football career with Arsenal where he played for 11 years mostly as a midfielder. His playing skills were interesting to watch and very influential for the football world.

Peter Schmeichel

The best players list can’t be done without mentioning some names of goalkeepers. Because there are some best goalkeepers who have done some fantastic job. Peter Schmeichel is one of those goalkeepers. He was ranked among the 20th century’s top 10 goalkeepers and there is no doubt that he is among the best players list in premier league soccer history.

He played his major time with Manchester United which was 8 years. Schmeichel proved himself by his outstanding goalkeeping skills and performance, made him one of the best players in the EPL history. He was the most-capped Danish player with 129 appearances in international football.

Peter Shilton

English former footballer who is also a goalkeeper is listed in the top 10 goalkeepers list of the 20th century. Shilton recently holds the record of playing more games for the England men’s team. He was awarded an MBE and OBE by the queen and Global Ambassador of Seattle sports. He played for many teams like Southampton, Nottingham, etc. In FIFA world cup history, he has a record of most clean sheets. Very wonderful goalkeeper.

Eric Cantona

Cantona is also considered as one of the best premier league players on this list. This French forward played in Leeds United, and then in Manchester United where he was nicknamed “King Eric” by fans. In his last five years, he won four premier league titles. Eric had a little bit poor disciplinary record in the soccer world and charged for an assault against an offensive fan. Even after that, he was an outstanding forward with various techniques and creativity for scoring goals which made him the best player in this list of premier leagues.

Patrick Vieira

Another French professional footballer who is especially known for his aggressive style of playing which made him receive 9 red cards during his whole career. But his perfection made him one of the best in his generation. He had won three EPL titles and four FA Cup triumphs in his time. He was placed on the list of 50 hardest footballers in the history by the British daily national newspaper The Times. He had a career with Italian Serie A and EPL but spent his major times as a midfielder with Arsenal football club. For his performance, Vieira surely one of the best Premier League players in football history.

Ryan Giggs

He is one of those players who spent an entire football career for one club. Giggs played for Manchester United from 1990 to 2014 which was almost 25 years! Can you imagine?! In his career he had won 13 premier league medals, 3 League Cup winning medals, 4 FA Cup medals, 2 UEFA Champions League medals, and much more.

He had an achievement of 162 record time assists in premier league history, and also had a total of 632 league appearances in his EPL career, which is huge! There is no doubt that Rayn Giggs is one of the best premier league football players ever.

Paul Scholes

There was a time when Zinedine Zidane called him the toughest one. English midfielder had achieved two UEFA Champions League medals, ten league titles which proved what a great player he is! He earned respect from many famous players like Pirlo, Xavi, Thierry henry and they called him the best premier league players ever.

Scholes spent his entire football career at Manchester United which is 20 years. At his time, he had more than 700 appearances and scored over 150 goals between 1993 to 2013. In 2008, he got something special which he deserved very much, he was inducted into the English Football Hall of Fame.

Roy Keane

He is one of the hardest football players of all time just like Vieira. Keane was not only a successful but also a gifted player who carried fear with him that made him win in the battle of midfield all the time. He played as a midfielder for Manchester United and he was very good at his field position.

He is one of the most successful Irish soccer players of all time. Roy had achieved 19 trophies, from which he won 17 from Manchester United in his club time. He is mostly known for his energy, aggressive style of playing, and mobility. The Time placed him among the best 50 “hardest” football players in history. Definitely, Keane is one of the best footballers in the premier league.

Thierry Henry

Who doesn’t know him? This French footballer has played in many leagues especially EPL. He was named a record five times French Player of the Year. He is just an amazing striker! One day in an interview, he was asked about his dream. He answered, “to see Paris at 11 pm”. This is How interested he is in playing football. He mostly played for Arsenal as a striker.

Henry also played for Juventus and Monaco as a winger. Surely, he is one of the best premier league players of all time.

Rio Ferdinand

He is the player who set the record of two times, the most expensive transferring British player with £18 million for Leeds, and then £33 million from Leeds to Man Utd. Tales of a British football player!

With his five league titles, he’s one of the most decorated players who also achieved UEFA Champions League final victory against Chelsea, and also 81 international caps. Very Interesting! He played as a center back player. He is also considered one of the best EPL players in football history.

Petr Cech

Everybody knows him. As a goalkeeper, he played for both Chelsea and Arsenal and win four leagues at Chelsea. In European history, he has been described as one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time. Petr holds the record of most EPL clean sheets which is 202. Also, he’s the record holder of most goal savers in the premier league history.

Besides this, he achieved Premier League Golden Glove with two clubs and the only goalkeeper who had done this amazing thing. Cech had an outstanding career in the premier league, and he is in fact, one of the best in this EPL players list.

Robbie Fowler

Robbie was an English professional footballer who played for various clubs like Liverpool, Leeds United, Manchester City, etc. As a striker, he scored many goals, mostly when he played for Liverpool (120 goals). Throughout 15 seasons, he scored a total of 162 goals and achieved the fourth highest goal scorer in the premier league history. He had done a miracle by scoring a four-minute hat-trick over Arsenal in 1994. Flower became a club legend for his ability to finish and nicknamed “God” by the Anfield crowd. He is a very quick striker and considered one of the best EPL players ever.

Some Honorable Mentions

The list of the best premier league players has no over yet! There are more in the list which contains some other best EPL players ever in the history of football:

In the end, we can loudly say that the Premier League is definitely one of the best and entertaining leagues in the football world. Hard work, vision, focus, and care of these great players are the asset to make EPL great. It is undeniable that good team management, coaching also played a very important role in better football. After that, all the great players of the premier league have made football great, made the EPL great than ever.

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