WWE Royal Rumble 2021 Start Date, Time, How to Watch, Odds & Predictions

The WWE Royal Rumble 2021 is one of the most awaited pay-per-view (PPV) wrestling event that is going to occur on Sunday, 31 January at 6 pm ET/3 pm PT at Tropicana Field, St. Petersburg, Florida, USA.

What is the Royal Rumble?

In the history of sports entertainment, WWE is a name like a bright star. The Royal Rumble is one of the WWE’s “Big Four” professional wrestling events which occurs every year in January since 1988. Another three big events are known as Survivor Series, SummerSlam, and WrestleMania – the biggest one. Royal Rumble 2021 is an upcoming wrestling event going to take place this year’s January.

Royal Rumble is basically a classic Battle Royal match shown on pay-per-view (PPV) in which traditionally 30 wrestlers compete into one ring. Each and every wrestler enter the ring at specific time intervals, it’s maybe 90 seconds or 2 minutes, depends on the total entry number. In this events rule, everyone’s target is to eliminate other fighters by tossing them over the top rope, where both their feet have to touch the ground. And the winner gets a chance to compete in a championship match at WrestleMania.

Since Royal Rumble takes a long time to finish (usually takes roughly one hour), the number of its other matches (single match, tag team match, triple threat match, etc.) are usually low, like six to eight matches per card.

Brief History

In the history of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) which is previously known as World Wrestling Federation (WWF), the first-ever Royal Rumble event happens on January 24, 1988, at Copps Coliseum, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. It was broadcasted live on the USA Network. The Canadian-American professional wrestler Pat Patterson (January 19, 1941 – December 2, 2020) was the creator of this famous Royal Rumble match. Though the 1st event was not shown on pay per view, every Royal Rumble show is now PPV at the present time.

The Royal Rumble 2008 was the first pay-per-view event that was available in high definition. In 2018, the women’s Royal Rumble match is included in the show and was the main event for that year. Currently, 30 man & 30-woman Royal Rumble matches occur respectively every year. The edition of 2011 was a battle among 40-man and the Greatest Royal Rumble on April 28, 2018, was the only five-hour PPV battle royal event held in Saudi Arabia where record 50 men wrestle each other for 1 hour and 17 minutes, the longest one in Royal Rumble history.

There is only four-man who have entered the ring as a first contestant and won the Royal Rumble. They are Shawn Michaels (1995), Vince McMahon (1999), Chris Benoit (2004), and Rey Mysterio (2006). And as a final contestant entering the ring, there are only three wrestlers who have won the Rumble match and they are The Undertaker (2007), John Cena (2008), and Triple H (2016).

WWE Royal Rumble 2021

One of the most remarkable yearly WWE pay-per-view (PPV) events Royal Rumble 2021 will be going to take place this January in Florida. It will be the 34th show of Royal Rumble chronology where WWE fans will enjoy the event virtually. It will feature wrestlers from Raw and Smackdown brands.

The main attraction of the show will be men’s and women’s Royal Rumble matches, and the winners of those matches will get a chance for world championship title shots at WrestleMania 37. The night that starts the Road to WrestleMania 37 will be exceptional for the first time due to the Covid-19 effect this year. However, each and every fan is waiting for the moment to enjoy the experience virtually.

Date & Start Time / When the Event will Start?

After passing a historical hectic year, it’s almost time for undoubtedly one of the most expected and beloved pay per view event of WWE. It’s Rumble time! The WWE Royal Rumble 2021 will be going to take place on Sunday, January 31, 2021. The kickoff show will begin at 6 pm ET which would be for one or two hours and the main show will start at 7 pm ET. Both the 30 woman’s and 30 man’s matches are usually for one hour respectively. The main attraction of this show is the 30 man’s Battle Royal match which will start at the end of the event as a last and final match.

Where the Event will Take Place?

The 2021 edition of the 34th Royal Rumble PPV will take place at Tropicana Field, St. Petersburg, Florida, United States. This field is commonly known as “The Trop”. It is basically a domed multi-purpose stadium and home of the Major League Baseball (MLB) team Tampa Bay Rays. The stadium recently holds a capacity of around 42700 seats for sporting fans and host wrestling promotion WWE behind closed doors due to the Coronavirus situation.

Till now, it goes without saying that there is no possibility that the fans will watch the game sitting at the stadium. The event will start without any audience but only the WWE officials will stay there.  The Viewers or wrestling fans have to experience the game through PPV online streaming or TV channel. The last time Royal Rumble 2020 was held at Minute Maid Park in Downtown Houston, Texas, the United States on January 26, 2020 – where the total attendance was 42715.

Fight List of 2021 Event

When it comes to a discussion about 30 man’s or 30 woman’s Battle Royal match, every fan, pundits, or analysts sit down to think about who will battle into the ring. Obviously, there will be some surprise entrants, so it’s almost impossible to say the total of 30 man’s or 30 woman’s names. However, the names of most of the wrestlers will be known in the coming weeks.

We will discuss other possible wrestlers’ names at the “2021 Royal Rumble Predictions” point.

Impact of Covid-19 upon 2021 Royal Rumble

Due to the Covid-19 effect, the whole world is going through a crisis. As a result, every sector including sports passing a bad time, there are difficulties to follow time schedule of events, sometimes the game schedule was canceled. There are no audiences or fans in the field or stadium because most games took place behind closed doors all over the world.

Only TV and online streaming channels are the only hope to watch these live sports, although in some games the audiences are now seen in the field. Like previous WWE events that happened during the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2021 Royal Rumble will also occur without any audiences for the first time in the WWE Royal Rumble history.

Royal Rumble 2021 Betting Odds

According to Betfair, Keith Lee and Bianca Belair both are the recent favorite man and woman wrestler for 2021 Royal Rumble after announcing the event date in January 31 by WWE.

30 Men’s Royal Rumble 2021: Odds courtesy of Betfair as of 5th January.

Daniel Bryan2.2
Keith Lee5.0
Big E8.0
Brock Lesnar9.0
Drew McIntyre9.5
Shinsuke Nakamura11.0
Bray Wyatt14.0
Kevin Owens14.0
AJ Styles14.0
Seth Rollins15.0
Roman Reigns18.0
Adam Cole18.0
Aleister Black18.0
Jey Uso18.0
The Rock21.0
Randy Orton21.0
Matt Riddle23.0
CM Punk26.0
Braun Strowman26.0
Finn Balor31.0
Karrion (Killer) Kross31.0
Samoa Joe34.0
King Corbin34.0
John Cena34.0

30 Women’s Royal Rumble 2021:

Bianca Belair2.7
Rhea Ripley4.33
Alexa Bliss6.5
Ronda Rousey11.0
Nia Jax12.0
Sonya Deville12.0
Charlotte Flair14.0
Shayna Baszler14.0
Sasha Banks15.0
Ember Moon20.0
Lacey Evans20.0
Io Shirai21.0
Liv Morgan26.0
Peyton Royce26.0
Ruby Riott31.0
Kairi Sane31.0
Nikki Cross34.0
Dana Brooke34.0
Mandy Rose36.0

2021 Royal Rumble Predictions

The most exciting professional wrestling event in WWE is on the way. It is one of the most anticipated PPV shows because of its creative and strategic match play. Every time there are some unexpected and stunning events that occur during the match. Fans eagerly wait and enjoy the surprise return and gorgeous entrance to the ring and battle each other, the countdown, funny moment, everything is there. After passing a strange year, Royal Rumble is the first big event of WWE in 2021. Below are some predictions of Championship matches, fights, possible winners of this upcoming Rumble event.

SmackDown Tag Team Championship Titles: Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode vs Street Profits (c)

Last month at SmackDown, Street Profits has defeated Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode and retained their tag team titles successfully. As Roode & Ziggler lost, they are a little bit upset and they will possibly try to set up a rematch for those titles. On the other hand, Street Profits will try to hold their position to ensure the WrestleMania 37 tag team title match. Since there’s a possibility of Jimmy Uso’s return, Usos would be the main opponents of the current tag team holders.

Predicted Winner: Street Profits

Raw Tag Team Championship Titles: The New Day vs Hurt Business (c)

The New Day have lost their Tag Team titles to the Hurt Business team members: Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander at TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs on Sunday, December 20, 2020. So, it looks like there will be a rematch for Tag Team Championship. There are other Tag Teams, the Dirt Sheet – Miz & Morrison, Lucha House Party, but they are not very regular in recent times.

There is another possibility for another tag team known as Hardy Bros who have some rivalry with The Hurt Business in the past few weeks. So, they also might get a chance to battle against Alexander and Benjamin. No matter which of the two teams wrestle, there are strong possibilities that the New Day will win the match.

Predicted Winner: The New Day

Intercontinental Championship Title: Sami Zayn vs Big E (c)

On the Christmas SmackDown episode last year, Big E defeated Sami Zayn in a lumberjack match and become a 2nd-time Intercontinental Champion in his career. But it’s clear that Zayn is not a boy to accept this defeat and sit back quietly. He definitely tries to get back his lost Championship title. So, it’s not so easy to take a breath for Big E and have to prepare himself for another rematch. Since it’s a big single push of his career, Big E will certainly try to retain his title.

Predicted Winner: Big E

United States Championship Title: Bobby Lashley (c) vs Riddle

Once Riddle has been attacked by Bobby Lashley, he has some issues and feuds with MVP and also with Hurt Business recently. Lashley was not an active champion, and for that, he needs a real one. And Riddle can fulfill the initial step very well and could have the opportunity to win the United States Championship title for the first time in his career.

Predicted Winner: Bobby Lashley

SmackDown Women’s Championship title: Bianca Belair vs Sasha Banks (c)

Since Sasha Banks beat Carmella at TLC and retained her Women’s championship title, she might have a new competitor. For now, there are only two fighters in SmackDown and they are Bianca Belair and Bayley. Bianca would be a good choice than Bayley as she lost twice to Banks. If the match happens at Royal Rumble, then it will be enjoyable to watch.

Predicted Winner: Sasha Banks

Women’s Tag Team Championship Titles: Charlotte Flair & Asuka (c) vs Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler

Jax and Baszler have lost their tag team championship titles to Flair and Asuka at TLC. But they are not seeming ready to give up and walk away. They might want another rematch for their lost title.

Predicted Winner: Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler

Universal Championship Title: Roman Reigns (c) vs Kevin Owens

In the episode of Christmas SmackDown last December, Reigns has defeated Owens in a Still Cage match with the involvement of Jey Uso. So, Kevin might have another chance to fight against Reigns for the Universal championship match. On the other hand, there are little possibilities that Daniel Bryan would face Roman Reigns, but Bryan declares himself to fight at 30 man Battle Royal match. Therefore, the chance is very low for Bryan to fight with the Champ.

Predicted Winner: Roman Reigns

WWE Championship Title: Drew McIntyre (c) vs Goldberg

There’s a big chance for Sheamus. On Christmas Holiday Street Fight, he delivered a Brogue Kick to Keith Lee after the match paired with McIntyre against AJ Styles, The Miz, and John Morrison. On Monday night RAW, Sheamus faces Lee in a single fight and lost to him. So, there’s a chance for Lee for a triple threat match. McIntyre had defeated many big wrestlers including Seth Rollins, Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton, Dolph Ziggler, AJ Styles, and The Miz.

Sheamus is on the waiting list now. So, it will be a more prominent match where two best friends McIntyre and Sheamus face each other at the 2021 Royal Rumble. However, while McIntyre has reason with Lee and Sheamus, there’s another return happens, and that is Goldberg. On Legends night, McIntyre defeated Lee, but in the post-match time, Goldberg interrupts the moment and it seems like he’s looking for the championship match. Though it’s not official by the WWE, there’s a possibility of this big match.

Predicted Winner: Drew McIntyre

Women’s Royal Rumble Match 2021: 30 women’s over the top rope battle

Though the full 30 women’s list is not revealed yet, if any female Raw wrestler wins the Royal Rumble match, it will be Ronda Rousey. Because her contract signing will end in April 2021, and that will be a reason for her comeback to Royal Rumble. If we talk about SmackDown superstar, Bianca Belair is the woman who may win the battle. And, if we look at the NXT, Rhea Ripley is the ultimate choice for winning the 30 women’s Battle Royal.

Predicted Winner: Rhea Ripley

Men’s Royal Rumble Match 2021: 30 man’s over the top rope battle

If there are any male superstars on RAW who can win the Royal Rumble, it will be Keith Lee. At SmackDown, the name of the winner will be Daniel Bryan. And if we talk about NXT fighter winning the Rumble match, the name will be Adam Cole. Actually, the full list hasn’t come in front till now. There also will be some surprise entrance of WWE superstars. So, it’s only a prediction.

Predicted Winner: Daniel Bryan

Possible Returns of Players

The Road to WrestleMania 37 starts from here. The stunning entrance, surprise comebacks, all these basically happens here on the Royal Rumble. To compete for the championship match on the Greatest Stage of all, 30 men and 30 women battle each other to reach the goal. During this time, the unexpected or surprise comeback of some superstars happens which greatly enhances the joy of watching the game. In the upcoming Royal Rumble 2021, there are also the possibilities of returning some superstars:

Royal Rumble 2021 TV Channel Broadcaster

Royal Rumble 2021 is going to be the first biggest pay-per-view event of the year where some championship matches and the main attraction of the show – the 30 men’s & 30 women’s over the top rope Battle Royal will happen. So, to fill the thrill and excitement of the event, people have to come to the wrestling gallery, otherwise, people have to watch the event live on TV channels.

Event Details at a Glance:

EventRoyal Rumble 2021
DateSunday, January 31, 2021
Time7:00 pm ET (Preshow 6:00 pm ET)
LocationTropicana Field, St. Petersburg, Florida, USA
Main Card30 man’s & 30 woman’s Royal Rumble Match
BroadcastWWE Network

How to Watch WWE Royal Rumble 2021 Live Stream from Anywhere?

It may happen that there may be some region where you can’t have any official broadcaster for the WWE Royal Rumble event. In this case, you can overcome this type of geo-restrictions with the help of a VPN. But you need a reliable one that assures you to accessing into other regions.

So, if you really want to watch Royal Rumble 2021 live stream online, then you definitely need a reliable VPN and follow the instructions below:

There are some top VPN services:

One thing you have to know, there is no guarantee that you will be able to watch WWE 2021 Royal Rumble live stream free. Maybe you have to pay a little bit to watch the game. You have to browse for your better option whether it’s free or not.

Anyway, there are some streaming services that need a monthly fee. But there’s an option of one-week free trials for any users.

Here is a small list of TV channels where you can watch the event live:

WWE 2021 Royal Rumble Tickets

WWE Royal Rumble ticket prices can vary depending upon some factors. Though It goes without saying that there is no possibility to watch Royal Rumble 2021 live by sitting in the stadium due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, an idea can be given about tickets and their prices. Royal Rumble tickets can be found for a low price of $89 and an average price of $308. It’s may not accurate, just a guess from previous experience.

Anyway, in normal time, anyone can buy tickets from some trusted sources. People can buy tickets from SeatGeek, StubHub, or Vivid Seats. You can go to their websites and follow the procedure to get the desired tickets easily. There are also other ticket providers, but you have to choose on your own.

Full List of Royal Rumble Winners (Man)

Serial No Royal Rumble Year Location Winner
1 24th January, 1988 Copps Coliseum, Ontario Jim Duggan (Entry – 13)
2 15th January, 1989 The Summit, Houston, Texas Big John Studd (27)
3 21th January, 1990 Orlando Arena, Florida Hulk Hogan (25)
4 19th January, 1991 Miami Arena, Florida Hulk Hogan (24)
5 19th January, 1992 Knickerbocker Arena, New York Ric Flair (3)
6 24th January, 1993 ARCO Arena, California Yokozuna (27)
7 23th January, 1994 Providence Civic Center, Rhode Island Bret Hart (27), Lex Lugar (23)
8 22th January, 1995 USF Sun Dome, Florida Shawn Michaels (1)
9 21th January, 1996 Selland Arena, California Shawn Michaels (18)
10 19th January, 1997 Alamdome, Texas Stone Cold Steve Austin (5)
11 18th January, 1998 San Jose Arena, California Stone Cold Steve Austin (24)
12 24th January, 1999 Arrowhead pond, California Vince McMahon (2)
13 23th January, 2000 Madison Square Garden, New York The Rock (24)
14 21th January, 2001 New Orleans Arena, Louisiana Stone Cold Steve Austin (27)
15 20th January, 2002 Philips Arena, Georgia Triple H (22)
16 19th January, 2003 FleetCenter, Massachusetts Brock Lesnar (29)
17 25th January, 2004 Wachovia Center, Pennsylvania Chris Benoit (1)
18 30th January, 2005 Save Mart Center, Florida Batista (28)
19 29th January, 2006 American Airlines Arena, Florida Rey Mysterio (2)
20 28th January, 2007 AT&T Center, Texas The Undertaker (30)
21 27th January, 2008 Madison Square Garden, New York John Cena (30)
22 25th January, 2009 Joe Louis Arena, Michigan Randy Orton (8)
23 31th January, 2010 Philips Arena, Georgia Edge (29)
24 30th January, 2011 TD Garden, Massachusetts Alberto Del Rio (38)
25 29th January, 2012 Scottrade Center, Missouri Sheamus (22)
26 27th January, 2013 US Airways Center, Arizona John Cena (19)
27 26th January, 2014 Consol Energy Center, Pennsylvania Batista (28)
28 25th January, 2015 Wells Fargo Center, Pennsylvania Roman Reigns (19)
29 24th January, 2016 Amway Center, Florida Triple H (30)
30 29th January, 2017 Alamodome, Texas Randy Orton (23)
31 28th January, 2018 Wells Fargo Center, Pennsylvania Shinsuke Nakamura (14)
32 27th January, 2019 Chase Field, Arizona Seth Rollins (10)
33 26th January, 2020 Minute Maid Park, Texas Drew McIntyre (16)

Full List of Royal Rumble Winners (Woman)

Serial No Royal Rumble Year Location Winner
1 28th January, 2018 Wells Fargo Center, Pennsylvania Asuka (25)
2 27th January, 2019 Chase Field, Arizona Becky Lynch (28)
3 26th January, 2020 Minute Maid Park, Texas Charlotte Flair (17)

Records of Royal Rumble


Most Royal Rumble Winners Man
Winner Total Win Winning Year
Stone Cold Steve Austin 3 2001, 1998, 1997
Hulk Hogan 2 1991, 1990
Shawn Michaels 2 1996, 1995
Triple H 2 2016, 2002
Batista 2 2014, 2005
John Cena 2 2013, 2008
Randy Orton 2 2017, 2009
Top 10 Longest Time Survivors in a Single Rumble Match Man
No Wrestler Surviving Times Year
1 Daniel Bryan 1hr 16min 5sec 2018
2 Rey Mysterio 1hr 2min 15sec 2006
3 Chris Benoit 1hr 1min 31sec 2004
4 Bob Backlund 1hr 1min 10sec 1993
5 Triple H 1hr 16sec 2006
6 Chris Jericho 1hr 13sec 2017
7 Ric Flair 1hr 2sec 1992
8 Roman Reigns 59min 48sec 2016
9 Finn Balor 57min 38sec 2018
10 Vince McMahon
Stone Cold Steve Austin
56min 38sec 1999
Top 11 Shortest Time Survivors in a Single Rumble Match Man
No Wrestler Surviving Times Year
1 Santino Marella 1.9 seconds 2009
2 The Warlord 2 sec 1989
3 Sheamus 2 sec 2018
4 No Way Jose 2 sec 2019
5 Mo/td> 3 sec 1995
6 Owen Hart 3 sec 1995
7 Mike Kanellis 3 sec 2018
8 Xavier Woods 3 sec 2019
9 Bushwhacker Luke 4 sec 1991
10 Jerry Lawler/td> 4 sec 1997
11 Titus O’Neil 4 sec 2015
Top 6 Highest Eliminations in a Single Rumble Match – Man
No Wrestler Elimination No Year
1 Braun Strowman 13 2018
2 Brock Lesnar 13 2020
3 Roman Reigns 12 2014
4 Kane 11 2001
5 Hulk Hogan 10 1989
6 Stone Cold Steve Austin 10 1997
Entrants of Female in Males Rumble Match
Year & Entering Time Wrestler
1999 & 2000 – 2 times Chyna
2010 – 1 time Beth Phoenix
2012 – 1 time Kharma
2019 – 1 time Nia Jax


Most Royal Rumble Winners Woman
Winner Total Win Winning Year
Asuka 1 2018
Becky Lynch 1 2019
Charlotte Flair 1 2020
Top 5 Longest Time Survivors in a Single Rumble Match Woman
No Wrestler Surviving Times Year
1 Natalya 56min 1sec 2019
2 Sasha Banks 54min 46sec 2018
3 Ember Moon 52min 23sec 2019
4 Charlotte Flair 50min 1sec 2019
5 Bianca Belair 33min 27sec 2020
Top 5 Shortest Time Survivors in a Single Rumble Match Woman
No Wrestler Surviving Times Year
1 Liv Morgan 8 Seconds 2019
2 Chelsea Green 12 sec 2020
3 Sarah Logan 28 sec 2020
4 Tamina 39 sec 2020
5 Liv Morgan 44 sec 2020
Top 4 Highest Eliminations in a Single Rumble Match – Woman
No Wrestler Elimination No Year
1 Shayna Baszler 8 2020
2 Bianca Belair 7 2020
3 Michelle McCool 5 2018
4 Charlotte Flair 5 2019
Entrants of Male in Females Rumble Match
Year & Entering Time Wrestler
2020 – 1 time Santina Marella

2021 Royal Rumble Results

The Results of the Royal Rumble 2021 will be updated here as soon as the event ends.

Results of 2020 Royal Rumble:

Wrestler Results/Winner Terms of Play
Shorty G vs Sheamus Sheamus Single match
Humberto Carrillo vs Andrade Andrade United States Championship
King Corbin vs Roman Reigns Roman Reigns Falls Count Anywhere Battle
Shayna Baszler vs Charlotte Flair Charlotte Flair 30 Woman’s Royal Rumble Match
Lacey Evans vs Bayley Bayley SmackDown Women’s Championship
Daniel Bryan vs Bray Wyatt (The Fiend) Bray Wyatt (The Fiend) Universal Championship
Asuka vs Becky Lynch Becky Lynch Raw Women’s Championship
Roman Reigns vs Drew McIntyre Drew McIntyre 30 Man’s Royal Rumble Match

The Bottom Line

Anyone can argue with it, but, the Royal Rumble 2021 will be exceptional this year in WWE history because of the Covid-19 situation.

As WWE has the rights to broadcast the event exclusively, so it will be accessible on WWE Network and also via different video streaming services. if you really want to watch the 2021 Royal Rumble live, there will be various streaming services that have enough DVR storage so that you can watch on your own time schedule and enjoy the event. As the pandemic situation is still running, we hope this year’s Rumble event will take place without any problems, and every fan will enjoy the event from home.

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